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Repeater Status Update 4/2018

Posted by Harrison W1HAF on April 23, 2018 at 4:40 AM

146.06/67 04/10/18

The 146.67 repeater located at the Groton Town Police Department has recently been reprogrammed to use the internal controller instead of the CAT 1000 controller. The squelch tail is 5 seconds and the courtesy beep occurs when the squelch tail drops. This was done in an effort to eliminate interference that was thought to have been caused by our CAT 1000 controller. The Commercial Radio Vendor, Tactical Communications, believes that our controller was causing interference on the North Stonington EMS channel. We will have to wait and see if this cleared up the problem. There still appears to be a gremlin in the system. I have heard a control signal type noise occasionally when the repeater is opened with PL. Speaking of PL the repeater is only running in decode mode and not in full CTCSS mode. Therefore if you had programmed your radios in full CTCSS mode you will need to reprogram them into just CT mode so that you can hear the repeater.

146.37/97 04/17/18

The 146.97 repeater has been temporarily moved to Vauxhall St Ext on top of the Water Tower in Waterford. This is a Motorola repeater and duplexers on loan from K1IKE to test this location for a permanent move to get away from the interference at the Fargo Road site. So far it seems to be much better. There is a crackling noise when it is in the duplex mode possibly due to a short in the antenna. The Polyphaser had been shorted out, possibly due to a lightning strike.  A new replacement antenna is being looked into. Unfortunately, this may set the club back a substantial amount. A new commercial grade antenna is around $700 to $1,000.00 dollars and will have to be installed by a professional company which will probably cost another $500.00. If any club member has any connections to Antenna Installers that could help please let us know.

53.71/52.71 04/17/18

The 53.71 repeater has been off the air for some time and the club has voted to not repair or replace it due to a lack of use. We will be focusing on maintaining the clubs two-meter repeaters instead. The Duplexers for the six-meter repeater have been removed to show to a prospective buyer. Hopefully whatever we get for them will help offset the purchase of a new two-meter repeater antenna.

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