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146.97 Repeater Status 06/16/2020

Posted by Harrison on June 18, 2020 at 8:55 AM

146.97 REPEATER STATUS 06/16/2020

The 146.97 Yaesu System Fusion Dr1X repeater has been placed into full time C4FM digital mode. The reason this was done is to test out the C4FM capabilities by connecting it to the internet via a C4FM node radio  located at my QTH. The node is connected to a YSF Reflector, YSF99797, via the internet. You can access the repeater via a C4FM radio and your signal will then be sent to the YSF Refelector.

You can also acess the system using a Hot spot or OpenSpot by connecting it to the CT-RI-ROOM YSF99797 reflector.

This YSF Reflector was set up by Chuck N1LMA from Westerly RI. The reflector is also connected to his Yaesu DR1X repeater 147.24 located inWesterly, RI.

It is also connected to Brian, KB1CJP, DR1X repeater 146.925 located in Groton CT.

The YSF Reflector YSF99797 is also bridged to DMR via the TGIF Network to the CT-RI ROOM ID # 99797. This means you can also access the 146.97 repeater using a Hot spot connected to the TGIF Network.

So when you use the 146.97 repeater now your signal is being heard on three RF repeaters and via the internet on YSF and DMR networks.

If you listen on analog all you will hear is a static rush. That is the digital signal being transmitted.

Please try this system out. When you use this system please leave a break between keying up to allow all the networking to connect and disconnect properly. They all have to be timed correctly to work properly.



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