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146.97 Yaesu System Fusion Repeater On The Air

Posted by Harrison W1HAF on May 25, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Hi Everyone,

On Friday May 22, 2015 Joe, K1IKE, and I went to the Fargo Road Site and temporarily installed the New Yaesu System Fusion Repeater on 146.97 - offset  with a PL of 156.7 enc/dec.

The repeater is currently running in the Auto/Fixed mode. What this means is that it will receive either Digital or Analog signals and then convert them to Analog FM out to the transmitter. Eventually when others have System Fusion radios I can switch it to Auto/Auto. This will then determine the input mode and re-transmit the same mode through the transmitter. That will mean two stations transmitting in C4FM will be able to have a fully digital conversation. If two stations use analog FM they will be able  to have a conversation in analog FM. If a station has a Yaseu System Fusion radio set tothe AMS (Automatic Mode Switching) it will automatically select the correct mode to transmit in based on the mode it is recceiving. This just scratches the tip of the System Fusion capabilities. It is the best of both worlds allowing both users of Digital and Analog to share the same repeater and communicate. It will also pass digital data on the digital transmission, such as callsign, location, distance, and other data. It can be used in the full digital data mode to transmit high speed data also.

The repeater is currently using the built in controller which handles the basic funtions and ID. You will not hear a courtsey beep and the squelch tail is is pretty short. It will ID in CW as W1NLC every ten minutes when in use. The Time Out Timer is set to 3 minutes. The repeater is currently running 20 watts out which is its 100 % duty cycle setting.

The repeater was placed in the Water Tower and connected to the duplexers and antenna. We still need to run hardline from the Water Tower to the radio shelter building before we can move the repeater into the building. Joe and I have gathered the parts needed to make this happen. We just need the time to make the connections and run the the cable. Once this is done we can move our equipment into the clean climate controlled building and out of the dusty old water tower.

We will also be installing the new 448.975 DMR repeater in the new rack that Joe has provided for this project. We have already put the rack in the new building and have the new Sinclair UHF Duplexers in the rack.

I have put some pictures in the Photo Gallery section of the website.

Harrison W1HAF

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