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I want to share with everyone an easy way to try the VHF/UHF Digital modes without having to purchase a radio.I came across an app for Android devices that seems to work pretty well on DMR, YSF, FCS, P25,NXDN, and recieve only for D-Star. The name of the app is DroidStar. It can be downloaded from the app store for FREE. Once you download and install it you just need to go into the setting and put in your callsign, DMR ID if you want to use DMR and that is it to start.  Then on the main menu select the mode from the dropdown menu and select the room name under Host. Then tap connect and you will be on the air. To transmit you just push the large talk button on the bottom of the screen.If you would like to try the YSF mode connect to the CT-RI-ROOM and you will be on the 146.97 repeater.

There is also an app for your Windows PC called Dude Star. I havew also used this app on my PC with a headset. It is very similar to the Android app but you may need to make a few other adjustments depending on if you have more than one sound card. You will also need to turn down the TX aduio to about 1/4 and turn up the DB level to a comfortable listening level.

I hope this will help some of you who have not yet ventured into the world of digital radio. Both of these app work pretty well and are still in development. The great thing is thatthey are currently FREE. That means you dont have to spend $300 for a radio for each mode.

73 Hope to hear you an the air!

Harrison W1HAF


73 Harrison


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