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Harrison W1HAF
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Waterford has migrated to a full APCO 25 digital trunk radio system. All town agencies are now on this system and have full interoperablity with each other. This means that you can not monitor it unless you have a digital trunking scanner.

There are only three manufacturers Uniden, GRE, and Radio Shack. The Radio Shack models are by far the least expensive option. The models that are available are the Pro 2097 and the Pro 106. If you check online you will usually find one or both on sale for about $299.00 to $349.00 from their usually price of $399.00. They are good quality and are manufactured by GRE. You can obtain the frequencies for the Waterford system from Radioreference. I hope to be updating them as soon as I can. 

Waterford is also installing two 800 mhz analog repeaters in the system for the Fire Departments on scene operations channels as per NFAS.  

The system is fully interoperable with all fire and police agencies in the area along with the Millstone Nuclear Power station. The system has great coverage in Southeastern CT due to running five full sites in Waterford.

Happy Scanning:)


73 Harrison


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