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Harrison W1HAF
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Currently all SCRAMS repeaters use a PL of 156.7 for access. This means that you must program your radio to transmit (encode) the PL or Tone. This will open the receiver of the repeater when it recieves the proper pl tone and then activate the repeater transmitter.

The repeater transmitters are currently not running a pl on transmit. We are considering placing pl's on the transmitters. The controllers however are now are passing the received pl through to the transmitter on the received signal.

This means that if you program your radio into pl encode/decode (CTCSS) you will not hear any thing on the frequency unless it is transmitting the pl of 156.7. Because the repeater is passing the pl on the received signal you will hear who is transmitting. You will not however hear the courtesy tone of the repeater or the repeater identification due to the repeater itself not transmitting its own pl tone. Placing pl on the transmitters would solve this issue.

You may wish to put your radios into encode/decode on the 146.67 and 448.975 repeater if you do not want to hear the white noise when someone is using the digital D-Star repeaters. Remember though, to check the frequency before transmitting to make sure that it is not being used by the other mode.


73 Harrison


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