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Troy - KB1BVF
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*Calling all: GENERAL, ADVANCED and EXTRA License holders.*



"The Great NVIS Antenna Challenge"


CT ARES - Region 2 is pleased to sponsor this NVIS Antenna communications event. It is open to all CT ARES TEAM members in each of the 5 Regions.


With the change in weather and warming temperatures, AND BEFORE THE NEXT HURRICANE SEASON begins, NOW is a great time to build and test your "field portable/deployable" HF NVIS Antenna for 75m and 40m Phone.



In order to know who to listen for, please send an email to [email protected]

to advise of your entry in this event.

- Registrations due by: Thursday, June 13, 2013




We will run a "Directed Net" on each of the two frequencies beginning at the specified times.



Upon the request of Net Control each station will give the following exchange at a slow regulated pace for all hear and write down a Signal Report for your station in the Log:


Net Control,

This is your Callsign / First Name / Town / State / # Watts

This is your Callsign / First Name / Town / State / #Watts

Back to Net Control, This is your Callsign.


Please notice the INTENTIONAL LACK of ANTENNA information during the exchange.

This is done so as not to bias signal reports.

This information will be submitted with each station's Signal Report Log via email.



Saturday, June 15, 2013.



The Competition times are scheduled to simulate the average Daytime and Nighttime operating that we would expect during an event.


40m NVIS - Round 1: 100 watts (max.)

1600 (Local)


40m NVIS - Round 2: 25 watts (max.)

1630 (Local)


40m NVIS - Round 3: 5 watts (max.)

1700 (Local)


40m NVIS - Round 4: 1 watt (max)

1730 (Local)



75m NVIS - Round 1: 100 watts (max.)

2100 (Local)


75m NVIS - Round 2: 25 watts (max.)

2130 (Local)


75m NVIS - Round 3: 5 watts (max.)

2200 (Local)


75m NVIS - Round 4: 1 watt (max.)




1) Must be easily field PORTABLE.

2) Must be easily field DEPLOYABLE.

3) Must be HORIZONTALLY Polarized

4) Antenna Height NOT GREATER than 15 feet AGL (Above Ground Level)

5) Must be able to transmit on: 3.965 and 7.280 MHz. (+/- 10 kHz)

6) Antenna Tuners MAY be used.




We need accurate information.

Each station will keep and Signal Log (Excel spreadsheet to be provided) of other stations signal Readablity (1-5) and Strength (1-9).


- Signal Reports given are to be REAL and conservative (think somewhat stingy).


- Only BOOMING, "Where did that come from?", BLOW YOU OUT OF YOUR CHAIR signals qualify for a 5-9 report.


- The ubiquitous and improperly used "5-9 Timbuctoo, CT" won't help us in our post contest evaluations.


- Signal Logs are be submitted at the end of the event (not later than Sunday, midnight). No stamps required.

Please send them to: [email protected]




We would be pleased to post digital pictures of your NVIS Challenge Antenna here at the website.

Please submit 3 photos of your NVIS Antenna :

- Set-up

- Pre-packed layout display of components

- Packed and ready to carry.




In addition to "bragging rights", there will be a special prize for the person with the best judged signal in each of the power categories for each band (8 awards).


- You are on Your Honor to only run the specified power in each category. Using more power in any category defeats the purpose of this event to gather empiricle data, etc., etc.


- Judge's Decision is Final... but can be bought. (LOL!)




Whether it be the generic "Hamstick" dipole on a 12 foot mast, a Buddipole (Commercial or Homebrewed), one of the several antenna types mentioned below, or something else...THE CHOICE is yours.



"Hamstick" Dipole

Background Info

"Hamstick" is now a generic term for any monoband mobile vertical HF antennas. HAMSTICKs were made by the Lakelview Co.

- Sadly, this company closed just prior to January 2012.


Last update: 06/16/06

Dual Ham-Stick:

Scroll 3/4 down this linked page



Look for a manufacturer that allows easy, no retune assembly and disassembly.

- I may be mistaken, but from my research it seems that the Jetstream and Workman single band mobile antennas (e.g. JTMHF40, JTMHF75 and WHF40, WHF75 ) are the only ones on the market today that have this feature.

- Please contact me if you know of other manufacturers who do this.


^^ Variation

2 Bands+ : The "Octopus"



Jetstream antenna's are locally available in Region 2 at:

Quicksilver Radio Products (Meriden)


Homebrewed Buddipole



75/60/40 Meter NVIS Portable Antenna



Ham Source (Shelton) carries a commercially made version of this similar antenna (you supply the 15' pole/mast).



Make A Quick, Easy, Cheap, NVIS Antenna for Roadside Operating

- ”K.I.S.S.” (Keep It Simple Sherlock)


N1FNE's and KB1EHE's amazing: "Versatile wire antenna and method"

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Harrison W1HAF
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Troy, Very nice Post!


73 Harrison


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