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Harrison W1HAF
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Hi Everyone,

I have recently become interested in remotely operating my home HF station. There are a few options on the market to allow remote control operation. My first requirement was for it to be low cost. If you know mw I'm really thrifty or as my wife would say Cheap. I looked at the MFJ remote rig control but I was not interested in using touch tone controls over a phone. I am a visual type of person and really wanted to be able to control my Icom 756 Pro II from my i-phone. 

I found a cool program for i-phones called Commcat in the itunes store. I downloaded it for Free and it looks really cool. It gives you a full remote control panel for your radio on your phone. It has a tuning knob, S-meter, frequency display, bands, and modes plus more. To use the program you can donload a program for rig control on your home computer. Commcat offers their program for $49.00 but you can download it an try it for free for 30 days. I did try the program and I liked it very much. It was easy to use and there was alot of help files and videos on how to set it up. I did have to open a port in my homr internet router so that I could remotely connect to my computer but that is also expleained in their help files. Once I had it up and running I also had to install skype on my home computer with a free account and skype on my iphone with another free account. I set the skype on the home computer to only allow me to connect and to automatically answer when I called from my i-phone. This offers some security so that no one else can access my radio. 

You can also use Ham Radio Deluxe if you use that for rig control and download a free program from Commcat called QSXer. This program connects HRD to the internet so you can control your radio using HRD from the mobile Commcat app. This is the set up that I am currently using it is free. Did I mention I'm cheap.

There is one more thing that you need which is an interface from your radio to your computer. You could use a RIg Blaster, Signal Link, or a CIV cable for your radio. I bought a CIV rig control cable for $36.00 off ebay it is designed to be used to control your radio and has audio cables to your sound card so you can operating other digital modes. 

I am having a blast remotely accessing my station. If you are interested in doing this check out the website below.



73 Harrison


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